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Report School visit from December 27th 2014 to 10th January 2015

We had three full days at the school with four clear objectives:

  1. To assess and plan the completion of the kitchen and dining room.

  2. To see how things were progressing after our last visit, whether the staff had been able to maintain and follow the new guidelines that had been put in place to help them.

  3. To encourage and assess further needs.

  4. To enjoy being with the children.

Paul stayed at the hotel on Monday to rest after his busy few of days so I had time with the teachers at coffee time, and together with Edgar we were able to outline some new ideas at the same time enjoying some Italian Panettone we had taken for everyone. I met one new lady teacher, unfortunately the other was off ill the whole time. It was just lovely to be there, the children are always delightful and very excited by our visit. I had time to look around, to see the newly developed area at the back with the new hand washing facilities and a flower garden it all looked so orderly and pretty. Quite a transformation.

Preparing for the new dining room

We were able to put one of the ideas immediately into practice. That lunch time I helped to re-organize the younger children to have their lunch in their own class room. There had been much thinking and discussion about the dining room that would soon be in operation with new tables and benches and how it would best operate to facilitate all the children. The new idea was that the younger children who already had little tables could remain in their large spacious class room to eat. This solved two difficulties. One, the dining room with tables wouldn’t seat all the children at once, two, the tables were too high for the really little ones in ‘Early Years’. This idea worked extremely well, these dear people soon get organized. Lunch was bought to, and served in, the classroom. Everyone was pleased with the new arrangement.

On Monday afternoon the new dining room tables were delivered along with the new fridge, they were soon unpacked and in place. They look great! We discovered that the school has 14 old benches so they were quickly hauled down from the roof. It was decided that these could be re-vamped for the seating. They will work really well and it also keeps the cost down. We had a practice run of 10 children to check the spacing and seating arrangements. Lots of smiling happy faces!

Edgar, Tabitha and I then took time to look at the kitchen to decide what should be done to complete everything just before the carpenter arrived. It was decided that in addition to the ten new tables and new fridge, in the kitchen there will be

  • Two new sinks

  • Two new large cooking hobs

  • Cupboard doors fitted over all the lower shelving up to fridge height in

blue colour to keep in harmony with the rest of the school.

  • New marble work tops and serving hatch top.

  • A large centre work table.

  • Glass for all the very top windows in kitchen and dining room

  • Mesh for all the remaining dining room windows

  • Benches renovated and painted with wooden seating.

  • Also 3 fans, weighing scales, 8 tube lighting

We sincerely thank the friends who gave funds to make all this possible.

While we were at the school we provided 100 new stainless steel plates, 100 drinking cups. 80 forks, 6 serving bowls and 8 jugs one for each table.

On Tuesday morning Paul and I went into each classroom giving out pens and pencils to each child. These had been donated by some of our English students in Vicenza and a stationary shop in Ferrara. Paul also gave each of them an Italian coin and gave a lesson about the dates on the coins telling them how it relates to the birth of Jesus. There was also plenty of Italian Christmas cake the famous Panettone for them to taste. This was a fun time together and we were amazed how well the children remembered an Italian song we had taught them on our last visit: Gesù ama tutti tutti bimbi etc.

On Wednesday I spent some time in the ‘Early Years’ looking at the children’s work. They are doing great! They have a lovely teacher Rajani! Later as I looked generally around the school, I thanked God for his amazing provision over the years, and for the dedication of everyone involved. We were pleased to buy new crayons and colour pencils while we were there too, these were distributed to the lower classes as they were completely without. Tabitha and MV manage so well with the limited budget they receive for the school. The children are good at art, their drawings displayed around the school are lovely. In the afternoon Paul had a very special time teaching the whole school from the Bible. Each Wednesday afternoon Sundar the village pastor goes to give biblical teaching to the children Paul was delighted to be invited to do it on that occasion .

The day and our visit finished with fun and games outside. Paul taught the children two new ball games. In teams he had them running around the established play area at the front of the school. We all enjoyed watching and cheering the kids on, it was a lovely conclusion to our visit .

Those four days went very quickly. It’s always very moving and inspiring being there. I just love the school! Being with the children, Sundar, Tabitha, MV, the sense of oneness of family, of working together for the glory of God, everyone doing their best. There are always lots of other things we would like to have had time for, but we are very grateful for the visit and very satisfied and happy to see the way the school is progressing. Sundar is a dedicated hard working pastor doing a wonderful job leading the village church and giving spiritual input into the school. Tabitha and MV do an excellent job running the school. They are dedicated teachers and work extremely hard. They have persevered through many difficult situations. The school stands as a shining light to all around of their love and Christian commitment for the children and the community. As we leave there is always hope in our hearts that we will see each other again

Our three objectives were over and abundantly fulfilled.

  • The kitchen and dining room are on the way to completion.

  • Many of the new routines and guide lines are well established. The school is immaculately clean and orderly. The class rooms were pretty they still have festive coloured streamers around and the display boards are very attractive. The time table is much tighter. The younger children are washing their hands in the classroom and having milk and biscuits each morning, lunch time is punctual, with the little ones now eating in their classrooms. All the children’s written work is and always has been very neat and well presented. There is an overall sense of high standards. The structural development of the school is very, very good.

If any of you would like more information about the birth of the village school and it’s location and development we invite you to visit our website

Frances Finch

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