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Native at Trastevere in Arte in Vicenza

 19 September 2008

 11th edition of “Trastevere in Arte”   

Many original childrens’ sketches were sold!

 This year’s annual art exhibition, staged in the heart of Vicenza, proved to be a wonderful source of blessing once again for Native. More than 150 artists participated displaying many very creative works of art.  Frances Finch Native’s president chose again to show the art work received from the school in India.  The children of the Upper Primary School in China Muthevi had sent to Italy some delightful and colourful drawings, which we were very proud to display to the local 'Vicentini'. 

 Their sketches have a tender quality about them as they depict so graphically the natural world in which they live – the world of thatched huts, animals ploughing rice fields, primitive school buildings, chickens squabbling in a roughly made pen, and even school boys playing cricket on an uneven patch of grass found in front of the school.

Deelip Kumar, the child in the center of the top photo between his mother brother and sisters, did the drawings shown in the bottom photograph. He loves drawing and is very good. he even gave us his precious drawing book to bring back to Italy. We exposed the drawings in Trastevere in Art.

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Over and over again people paused to enjoy these pictures and many people especially children gave a donation to take one home with them!  To the total of 228.95 euros which we received in this way, the artists themselves gave donations that came to 167 euros making a total of 395.95 euros to give to the school.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in “Trastevere in Arte” each year and to share the needs of the village children and the school at China Muthevi. As we so clearly saw during our brief visit, the school in these primitive rural places is truly “A light in the darkness”  and the fact that so many people gave donations for these sketches can only encourage these youngsters to keep on developing their creativity in even more passionate ways.

Our sincere heartfelt thanks go to all of our readers and supporters.

 Frances Finch,  President

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