Mr. Edgar Shatuluri visit in Italy


8 19th May

 It was a wonderful joy to host Edgar Sathuluri, founder and director of the Indian Mission Native, in Italy. This is the same mission which directs the Upper Primary School in China Muthevi.

This was the first time for Edgar to come to Italy a truly joyous occasion.

Besides visiting the various towns where supporters live Vicenza, Trento, Formigine, Padova, San Lazzaro, we were able to show him Florence and Venice.

The visit at Villa Lattes, Vicenza, was particularly special as Edgar was able to meet some of the students from the English for You Courses, who, through their enrolment fees, have supported the school for various years.

At each meeting Edgar was able to update us on the developments of the school and share the richness of the Mission which works in over 125 villages throughout India.

During the visit he received gifts totalling 4,550.00 euro which will go to help complete the  new school construction. For Him and for us, and for everyone who met him, it was a rich and unforgettable visit!

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