Annual Board Meeting of Native Onlus


29th March 2010 - in Via Borgo Casale 24/a

36100 - Vicenza -  Italy


At 6.30pm


Presidents Report  for 2009


Very dear friends and associates of Native in Italy.


We were very pleased to have our annual meeting in the new headquarters of Native Italy at the above address on the 29th of March.  Home of the Vicenza Evangelical Church.


In the fifth year of the association we continue to thank God for his goodness and provision for the school in Chinamuthevi  India.  Even though there is a global financial crisis we have been able to sustain over and above our expectations our financial commitment to Native Upper Primary School.  


The first objective is to give full financial support for the running of the school.  This we have done abundantly and we are very thankful to all of you who for so many years have stayed faithful to your commitment along with us.


The biblical principle behind Native Italy is “To love your neighbour as yourself”.  This means practically and spiritually.  The school not only provides education for more than 100 children it also gives support to the children’s families teaching  them to love the God who in Christ is the giver of all.  The light that shines in the village of Chinamuthevi  through the school also changes and touches peoples lives here in Italy as they take hold of the vision and help us.


Various activities


The English Courses we give in Vicenza are still going well.  This year we had around 80 students.  Paul and I teach 5 courses and all  the money we receive from the subscriptions goes to the school.  

For 2009 the school received 7.800 euros.


Trastevere in Art  this is a local art exhibition which is run every September in Vicenza for local artists to display and sell their work.  For several years now instead of displaying my own art work I was given permission to exhibit the art work done by the children from the school in India.  We put up posters promoting the school and people give donations.  Two dear Italian friends Sandra and Antonella , who came as students to our English courses, give their time on the Saturday to man the stall.  The donations given during the two days was 300.50 euro.  At the end of the event I go round the artists for a collection.   This year the artists gave 211.60 euro making a total of 512.10 euro for the school.


The Italian government gives a donation to charities this is known as’5 per mille’.  Many people put on their tax returns Native as the charity they want to support and we get a donation  this year we received 1.015.10 euro for the year 2006/7 for the school.  


The annual Christmas concert to raise money for the school is at the beginning of December.  We are very thankful to our professional musical friends who provide an excellent evening of wonderful music for all of us to enjoy.  It is usually well supported.  The Evangelical Church of Vicenza provides a sumptuous buffet to complete the evening.  A big thank you to all involved.  This year the concert raised 582.00 euro for the school.


Various churches are involved too.  The Evangelical Church of Vicenza ,  Formigine and Trento promote and support the school in various ways.  The church at Trento has two markets one at Christmas and one in the summer.  Everybody is involved making craft articles to sell.  Children in the Sunday School play a big part and are very enthusiastic and very generous.  Just at Christmas the church gave a gift of 1,600 euro that has already been given to the school towards the new building project.


How we support


Our support for the school is divided into three distinct levels:


  1. To give monthly funds to cover all the basic running costs of the Elementary School N.U.P.S..
  2. To give financial support to students and their families who go on to High School.
  3. To offer a scholarships to students who have the ability to choose to go on Work Training Schemes or to University.  There are various options open to them.


Native Upper Primary School.   Most of the gifts we receive together with the regular monthly donations go to provide for the basic running of the school.  We are very thankful that they remain stable.  Thank you all so much.  

At the moment there are about 112 children on the register.  There are 6 teachers, three of them have degrees.  Tabitha who is about 35yrs old is the headmistress ( she is the wife of the pastor Sundar in the village).  Encouraged by Edgar,  she is also studying to get a degree. B.ED. This is very important for her.   In 2007  the school received  official recognition by the state authorities to educate children up to 12 years of age.  To get this recognition the qualification one of the other teachers was accepted.  For Tabitha to remain as head teacher it is essential for her to be sufficiently qualified.  We are so pleased to have been able to send financial support for her to do this.  We are very happy about this choice. 


The High School students.  At the moment there about 20 students going to high school and receiving support.


Scholarship students.  As far as I know there are 2 students receiving scholarships.   At this level we look for sponsors for the student.  This makes the support more personal.


  • Phani is studying to become a nurse.
  • K. Shekar is studing to become a Medical Lab Technician and is sponsored by Anna Luisa Fanan  one of our English students.
  • I’m not sure why there aren’t more students going on these courses.  This will be discussed when we visit in August. 


The total support for the year 2009 was 22.250.00 euro

This is particularly high because  the English Course students started a fund to buy a new school bus.

The bus was bought at the beginning of the year. 

The school is now the proud owner of a beautiful school bus.  You can see it on the web site: 




Edgar’s visit to Italy in March 2009 We obviously enjoyed this visit very much from 7 -19 March.  Edgar visited several of the supporting churches where he was able to thank everyone personally and establish an on going commitment together.  He was amazed that the giving didn’t just come from rich people but from people working hard and sacrificially to raise money for the school.  He sends his thanks and warm greetings to you all.

We took him on sightseeing trips to Venice and Florence.  


Edgar visited Livio a business man who donated 3.000 euro to the school. This went to the building fund building and was given during Edgar’s visit.  Thank you so much Livio for your generosity.


The new building  This goes on but slowly due to lack of funds.  The hope is to have the first floor finished by June this year when the new school year starts.  If you can help please let us know.  Account details are on the website.


A visit to the school.  In August 2010 Paul and I together with Luca and Antonella Volpin will go to visit the school.  We are delighted for this opportunity.  Together with us will be an Italian medical team of paediatricians

Franco Cracco and his colleague Valeria Rossi.  For one week they will give the children various medical checks with the hope of having time to also check other children in the village and surrounding area.  Both doctors are very experienced having worked with children in India with other organisations es. CCWW Child Care World Wide.  We are very privileged to have them join us.  Franco’s wife Annemarie is an artist so she will be developing the children’s artistic techniques and talents.  Paul and I will give English lessons to the children.




Every year we are thankful  for the blessing and favour we receive as we labour together for India.  We are proud of all that has been done for the school through Native Italy, for the generosity of so many people and their willingness to help.  We especially thank Antonella Volpin for her secretarial work and the accounts and Sergio Secondi for his legal and financial advice and accountancy.  We are also grateful to the writer Lucio Roetta for his continued work with the web site for Native.  Thank you all so much for your professional work.  


Supporting the school remains a challenge because of ever increasing costs due to growth and expansion.  But our trust is in God, the one who I believe called me  back in 1995 into this walk of faith to raise funds for a school to be opened to educate 33 children with 2 teachers.  The growth of the school is a wonderful testimony to the dedicated and committed staff  who work so hard with children who want to learn.  The children are delightful! It is also a testimony to all of you who are dedicated to give to make a difference.   My own commitment really was a step of faith.   I had no guarantees for the future.   Thankfully along the way others joined with me even on into Italy where the light of God’s faithfulness to provide shines ever so brightly.  So we trust that He who started the work will continue to provide, but let us continue to do all we can while we can -  every little bit helps.  Thank you all for holding hands with me in this wonderful adventure that touches the lives of so many people.   

Together with me thank God for all he has done for all he will do.  It is He who is the giver of all good things.                    

Frances E Finch


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