December 2016 - Visit to the Native Upper Primary School and celebration of the 20th anniversary of its foundation.

The reasons to proudly celebrate the 20th anniversary of Native

Report of the visit to the school in January 2015

Some photos of the School in India taken in July 2014

Visit to the "Native Upper Primary School" in August 2013

Fund receipts sent to India in 2013.

Invitation to the "Christmas Surprise" 2012

Fund receipts sent to India in 2012.

Invite to the 2011 Christmas Concert!

Fund receipts sent to India in 2011.

Fund receipts sent to India ad Native Onlus Balance sheet in 2010.

Trastevere in art, 2010 September 5th, in Vicenza

A  medical report by the Italian doctors who visited the school in  August, 2010

Journey in India in 2010 August and visit to the Chinamuthevi school. 

Members meeting report, 2010 March 29th (in Italian)

Music Concert "Joy to the World", Friday December 4th - 08.30 p.m. c/o Villa Lattes in Vicenza (Click for info)

Edgar Sathuluri’s (Native India chairman) visited Vicenza May 12th (Click to view the pics)

New Bus delivered to the school in India (March 2009): Photo1 and Photo2.

India '07 - Letter to the English Supporters  

Trastevere in art in Vicenza -September 2th 2007  

Journey in India and visit to the Chinamuthevi school.  

Submitted Plans for the new school building in Chinamuthevi. How to contribute to the project

Flash News from the Annual Native Members meeting in March 2007

Building for the new school has started.  Please consider if you could contribute towards this project.

.Here there is a link to  Solidarity. Many thanks.

Some art work by the children in the Chinamuthevi school

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