Our Mission


The Mission Native

 The Charity Native was born out of a heartís desire to rally support for the education of  children in the  village school of  Chinamuthevi  India.

 Within the majority of villages in India there is little opportunity for children to obtain a good education.  Village people are illiterate and abandoned to their ignorance.

 Most farming parents would  not have the financial means to send their children to school in a nearby town. They usually need the children to work with them in the fields to provide a subsistence level of income.

 Native is searching for ways to give these people hope through loving care and providing an opportunity to educate their children.

 Today in the village of Chinamukthevi there is an Elementary School where children are well prepared not only academically but also physically, enabling them to have a healthy grasp of  the practical disciplines pertaining to life.

 Nativeís chief objective is to provide support for the families in the village so that the children can be educated through the village Elementary School , go on to High School,  and after graduation find their place in a fruitful work situation.

We ask you to help in giving new hope to these children.

  Whether by little or by much,  in an ocean of need,  every drop counts.


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