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February 2017: The site were included photos and report of the visit to the school Chinamutevi accomplished by Frances Finch.

29th March 2008

With joy and great satisfaction the associates of Native met for their official annual meeting.The president Frances Finch read the annual report which  recounts the hard work and generous response to Native's activities during the last year.  As the project continues to flourish the basic  primary objectives are being met abundantly and the Native Primary School in India is being richly blessed.

A market stall with various donated gifts, held 4 times during the year in the centre of Vicenza gives the local ‘Vicentini’ an opportunity to offer support to Native.

On March 8th we were on the streets again!  A gazebo was put up in the centre of town.  It stood out because it contrasted with the other manifestations of the raging electoral campaign.  Characteristic of Native the stand was colourful with a joyful presence which resounded in the piazza as the lively music attracted the attention of the passing Vicentini.  We are grateful to the 'Comune ' for giving us permission to be present amidst the hectic electoral capaigning.

Trastevere in Arte: This is a local art exibition in which we take part.  At the end of the two day exhibition by local artists a collection is taken for the school in India.  The artists contribute generously.   The last exibition was in September 2007 on this occasion iI  exhibited  the Native school  childrens’ own art work. The children's pictures attracted much attention and raised money for the school.  We were thrilled and hope this will be repeated in September 2008.

 The Christmas concert organized for ‘Brass par Tout’ in Palazzo Valmarana it was a wonderful evening and raised 900 euro for the school.  This went towards the new school building.

 Various gifts have been given during the year in a growing generous way by churches and friends of Native.  These gifts are used for the regular monthly support of the school.


The future vision of the Native Onlus ( Native Charity)

It’s wonderful to say that we have reached our first objective in an abundant way.  However this specific hope remains:

  •  To have more people giving regular monthly support.  This would bring stability to the general running of the school funds on a monthly basis.

To conclude:  The new school building is under way.   We are delighted to have been able to contributed abundantly to this project and we hope to continue to do so. The school has received an official status from the government to educate children.   It's high standard of education and preparation  is recognized and commended. The new building will meet all the necessary requirements stipulated by the government. If you would like to make a contribution to the new school building funds please contact us.

 Our heartfelt thanks go to all of you who have contributed in many various ways to the Native Project.


Attached to this report are copies of the financial records (Click to visualize).


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